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IHMFC, Inc. 2017 Upcoming Events

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Fatherhood Forums

Fatherhood Forums provide in-depth dialogue regarding the necessary steps fathers can take to reach solutions for themselves, their children and families regarding a diverse set of social issues. The aim of the Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition, Inc. is to regularly assemble an experienced and knowledgeable panel of experts with a passion to assist men and fathers with straightforward, no-nonsense information designed to empower and strengthen them in their role as fathers. Sponsored in part by the Indianapolis Public Library.  Each forum is from 6-8 p.m.

June 6th: Police and Community Relations, East 38th St. Library, 5420 E. 38th St.

2017 Strengthening Families Classes

If you or your organization are interested in hosting a 8-week Strengthening Families class, please send the below notice to Dr. Ruth L. Lambert, Executive Director Emeritus. Dr. Lambert will work with your organization to answer any questions you may have about the free classes. Please include your organization’s name, address and phone number. All classes will begin in February and conclude by May 15th.

13th Annual Family Conference

The Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition, Inc. 12th Annual Family Conference will convene on Friday and Saturday, September 11th-12th at Martin University in Indianapolis, Indiana. The conference is designed to help participants expand their knowledge and understanding of how to build healthy families and become effective parents. Workshops, speakers and sessions will explore best practices in developing and implementing effective mother and fatherhood, youth, healthy marriage and skill building family programs.

If you wish to be a part of the planning committee please contact Min. Melody Boone.

New Family Forums Set for 2015

Family Forums are designed to provide resources, support, awareness, education and maintenance for families with children both biological and extended. Each forum will focus on topics of interest to single headed, nuclear family units and extended families and are intended to empower them to meet the current demands placed on responsible mothers, fathers, children and extended families throughout our state.

April 14th: Martin University, 2171 Avondale Place, Indianapolis, IN 46218
October 13th: Martin University, 2171 Avondale Place, Indianapolis, IN 46218

24/7 Dad® Courses for 2015

In 2015 the I.H.M.F.C., Inc. will launch an aggressive 24/7 Dad® fatherhood training program through the NFI. This research and evidence based course has made a tremendous impact of men and fathers throughout the country and we are excited to see the program grow and expand throughout the state of Indiana. To participate or find out when the next course will take place, contact our executive director John Girton.

Baby Boot Camp for New Dads (and Grand Dads Too)

The Indiana Healthy Marriage and Family Coalition’s Baby Boot Camp for New Dads and Grand Dad’s Too shares necessary and important tools and resources vital to fathers and grandfathers who wish to be involved in the lives of their newborn children. Our community-based program is supported by Babies R Us and the Indianapolis Healthy Start Program and helps new fathers, fathers-to-be and grandfathers raise their children and grandchildren to become confidently engaged in their roles. Whether it be with infants, supporting the mothers of their babies, or supporting the parents or their grandchildren, after completing these sessions they will be able to personally navigate their role as nurturing fathers.

Each sessions cover the following:

    • A father’s role and importance
    • Bonding with your child
    • Strategies for partnering with mother
    • Work, Life, Baby balance
    • Creating safe baby spaces
    • Father friendly baby products
    • Field trip to local baby store

Castleton Location: 2nd Wednesday of each month starting February 11th: 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Castleton Babies R Us, 3928 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240.
Greenwood Location: 4th Wednesday of each month starting February 25th: 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Greenwood Shopping Center Babies R Us, 8800 U.S. 31, Indianapolis, IN 46227

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Help Us Strengthen Our CommunityOne Family At A Time